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Bangladesh is a land of natural beauty. And there aren’t any bounds of her beauty that has glorify of nature. Therefore, in an exceedingly tiny country like Bangladesh, there square measure countless traveling places that which will be same as a traveling destination. From them, high Traveler Places in Bangladesh are given below-


The Sundarbans (সুন্দরবন ) is that the largest angiospermous tree forest with in the world. The Sundarbans may be a UNESCO World Heritage Site covering elements of Bangladesh and Asian country. Sundarbans South, East and West square measure 3 protected forests in Bangladesh. The Sundarbans parkland may be a National Park, Tiger Reserve find with in the Sundarbans delta within the Indian state of West Bengal. This space is densely cover by angiospermous tree forests. And Sundarbans is one among the biggest reserves for the Bengal tiger.

Royal Bengal Tiger’s motherland and concerning about 380-400 tigers live in Sundarban. There are over hundred thirty different species of fish in Sundarban. About 30,000 beautiful spotted deer live in Sundarban. More than 45 species of reptiles find in Sundarban. Eight species of amphibians are known occur. In Sundarban, not but than 275 kinds of birds are found.

Although the region is settled south of the Tropic of Cancer, the temperature is equable because of its proximity to the ocean. Average annual most temperature is around 30-35 C . And average annual rainfall is1900-1920 millimeter. Average humidness is
concerning 82%.


Sreemangal is an upozillas of Moulvibazar District within the Sylhet Division. It’s same the name Sreemangal (or Srimangal) is name by Sri Das and Mangal Das. Sreemangal has been nickname the tea capital of Bangladesh. Because of the amount of tea gardens within the space, and is that the place of origin of the Seven color tea. Madhobpur Lake is one among the most traveling attractions within the Sreemangal. The Hum Hum body of water was discover and has attract visitors from all over Bangladesh.

1.Madhobpur Lake:

This is terribly stunning tourist spot. Madhapur Lake find 10 km east of Sreemangal. This lake is situate within the middle of high hills. This lake flows through each side of tiny hills. Solely tea is full-grown in most of the hills. There’s a way to climb the hill through the tea garden. The smell of soil & inexperience leaves can refresh anyone’s mind. Madhobpur Lake has water (lake), tea gardens & hills. The sky and therefore the dark green hills, just like the artist’s paintings, can take you to totally different world with its stunning read of the tea garden. The water is that lake is usually full with numerous colors of Lotus flowers. It is home to the white Heron. In winter, guest birds come back to the current lake.

2.Hum Hum Waterfall:

Hum Hum Waterfall is find within the Korma deep forest area in Kamal Ganj upozillas. The locals call it Cita Jhorna. This Water has hidden of the folks for an extended time. This Waterfall was discover in 2010. The peak of the autumn is concerning a hundred and twenty(120) feet. The body of this Waterfall Mountain is canopy with exhausting Rockies. Primarily It is a place wherever one can find the real taste of adventure. To travel Hum Hum Waterfall, he/she ought to trek 4 to 5 hours from starting to finish the Jungle & muddy paths. Once he/she travel from initial to last the jungle, he/she for sure will find the limitless beauty produce by the God. Many unnamed wild herbs, flowers, bamboo forest, shrubs, fruits trees around this Waterfall. The best time to visit this Waterfall is in the rainy season.


Jaflong ( জাফলং) is a tourist destination in the Sylhet, Bangladesh. It is concerning 60 km from Sylhet town. Jaflong is one among the most engaging tourist spots in Sylhet division. Visitors additionally see an enormous beautiful waterfall on the way of Sylhet to Jaflong. Jaflong is completely a rough area of real natural beauty. Where hills are greenish with the forests. You need to be stack by watching the natural scenario of the total journey. In rainy season the perfect time to go to Jaflong is between April and October.

 Within the rainy season to envision the real beauty of the falls cascading from lush green mountains. The Mari river is coming from the great Himalayas of India. That delivery million loads of stone boulders with its tide. You’ll watch the stone collection from the river in Jaflong. You can also take bath in the river of Mari. Visitors rent boats to travel to the Zero Point. And see the gorgeous hanging bridge over the Dauki. Jaflong visitors typically take a vacation at Tamable. That is concerning 7 kilometer’s away from Jaflong.


From port a 77 kilometers or forty eight mi road results in Rangamati. Rangamati is find on the western bank of the Kaptai lake. Rangamati is a vacation destination because of its landscape, lake, flora and fauna, scenic beauty, hanging bridge, autochthonous deposit etc.

Some of the foremost common attractions are:

  1. Sajek Valley
  2. Kaptai Lake
1.Sajek Valley:

Sajek Valley (সাজেক উপত্যকা) is one in all the attractive traveling spots in Rangamati. The name of Sajek Valley came from the Sajek River. Sajek valley is think because the Queen of Hills. It’s additionally known as Roof of Rangamati. Sajek valley is 2000 feet higher than water level. Sajek valley is legendary for its natural beauty. The natural depression is surround by grasslands rough tracks, dense forest, mountains. Within the time of rainy season, observing the clouds floating on the facet of hill. It says that Sajek valley is that the paradise of clouds.

2.Kaptai lake:

Kaptai lake is that the largest man-made lake in Bangladesh. The ‘H’-shaped Kaptai Lake has 2 arms. Kaptai Lake’s average depth is one hundred feet or thirty miter and most depth is 490 feet or a hundred and fifty miter. The hanging bridge, a coffee bridge, shortly from the Paryatan Holiday Complex, is another common boat-trip destination.

The small Chakma islands at the opposite finish of Rangamati are another popular boat stop. Another popular trip with native tourists is that the two-hour ride to Kaptai Town, however the city itself can be a little bit of a dump.


Sitakundu (সীতাকুন্ড) is an upozilla in Chittagong. That is presently at the height of recognition among tourists. You’ll get pleasure from everything from here like Mountains, Waterfalls, Beach.

Attractive Places At Sitakundu :

  1. Chandra Nath Hill
  2. Chandra Nath Temple
  3. Sagolkanda Waterfall
  4. Sohosrodhara Waterfall
  5. Sitakundu Eco Park
  6. Mohamaya Lake
  7. Bashbaria Sea Beach
  8. Guliakhali Sea Beach
  9. Suptadhara Waterfall
  10. Bhatiari Lake & Sunset Point, Bhatia


Paharpur an vital archaeological site in Bangladesh. Geographically find at the north-west of Bangladesh in the Naogaon district. It is a small village five (km) west of Jamal Ganj railway station. In 1985 it had been declare as a World Heritage site. Variety of monasteries grew up throughout the Pala amount in ancient geographic region and Magadha.

Five nice Mahaviharas stood out: Nalanda, Vikramashila, Odantapurā, Paharpur Mahavira and Jaggadala. The kings establish several Buddhist temples in Paharpur. King Dharmapala engineered the Paharpur Buddhist Vihara. The Paharpur deposit was inbuilt 1957. The Paharpur museum offers a deeper insight into Paharpur. And its surrounding areas with this huge archaeological assortment of historical objects excavated at the positioning.

Chimbuk Hill:

Chimbuk hill is that the third highest mountain in Bangladesh. The Chimbuk hills (চিম্বুক পাহাড়) of Bandharban, referred to as Darjeeling in Bengal. Chimbuk is one in all the attractive tourist spot in Bandharban. It’s simply twenty six kilometer away from Bandharban sadar. Chimbuk hill is regarding 2500 feet(ca. 762 meters) high. The fascinating green forest on the slopes of rolling hills. Completely different types unknown rare trees and plants, the stream and waterfalls. The zigzag roads combined with nice sightseeing tours, searching native item, social group life-style, foods and completely different exciting activities.

Where as trying down from the highest of the hill you fill sort of a bird. This experience is de factor unbelievable. When you undergo the very best road of Bangladesh within the middle of the mountains, you’ll feel that you are crossing the moon by automobile. You’ll be able to additionally experience rural autochthonous culture and life-style.

You will see this wonderful natural landscape of Chimbuk. Standing on the hill, you’ll see the raft of clouds floating down. Within the time of rainy season, observing at the clouds floating on the facet of the hill, it appears that Chimbuk is the paradise of clouds. The encircling districts of Cox’s Bazar and varied upozillas of Chittagong may be seen from here.

How to go:

From Dhaka directly, you’ll be ready to go Bandharban city by bus. From there, you’ll reach to Chimbuk Hill with C.N.G. or Chandar gari.

Kuakata Sea Beach:

This place is located in the Kalapara Upozilla within the Patuakhali District. Kuakata Sea Beach is that the second largest sea beach in the Bangladesh. This can be a beach that’s situate in the southeast Bangladesh. The beach can be a sandy enlargement of eighteen kilometers and it’s regarding 3 kilometers wide. This makes it an ideal place to walk and relax. The Kuakata sea beach is that the excellent place if you wish to envision the spellbinding view of the sun setting and rising.

During the festivals like as Magi Purnima and Rush Purnima. Several Hindu devotees come to this place for the holy bath. This can be quite an vital sight. Throughout now there are many several tiny fairs that are organize here. This is the right time after you can experience the culture of this place.

Things To Do And Places To See Kuakata:

1. The Kuakata sea beach.

2. Ilish Park.

3. Rakhine village.

4. Fatar Dip

5. Rakhine Market.

6. Kua.

St. Martin Island:

St Martin’s is the only coral island in Bangladesh. St. Martin’s Island can be a small island within the northeastern part of the Bay of Bengal. Regarding 9 km south of the Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf terra firma. There’s a small island that’s separate at tide, decision Chera Dip. The island is 7.315 km long

Geographically, it’s divided into three components. The southern half is known as Dakshinpara. Maddhyapara connects the two components. The northern half is named Narikel Jinjira or Uttarpara. It is potential to walk around St Martin’s in an exceedingly day since. November to February is the main traveling season and you’ll have the simplest weather.

Cox’s Bazar:

Cox’s Bazar sea beach is the longest sea beach within the world. Regarding one hundred twenty kilometer long, having no second instance. Cox’s Bazar can be a town on the southeast coast of Bangladesh. It’s known for its terribly long sandy beachfront in Bangladesh.

Other attractions for visitors are conch shell market, tribal handicraft, salt and prawn cultivation.
  1. Him Chari :  It is about 32 km south of Cox’s Bazar along the beach, a nice place for a picnic and photo-shooting.
  2. Inane Beach:  It is about 32 km south of Cox’s Bazar and just on the beach. With the sea to the west and a background of steep hills to the east. Inane is a wide rocky beach.
  3. Moyes Khali: This island off the coast of Cox’s Bazar. It is 268 square kilometers.
  4. Ramus: This is a typical Buddhist village, about 16 km from Cox’s Bazar, on the main road to Chittagong.
  5. Sonadia Island: It is about seven kilometers from Cox’s Bazar. About nine square kilometer in area.

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